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Soul Connection Activation - Level 3 - $35

Soul Connection Activation - Level 3 - $35
Instructor: Janet Griffin
9/13 6:30pm-9:30pm

Soul Connection Activations attune you to self-service and help integrate the physical “you” with the spirit “you”.  The Activations assist you to more easily interact with and bring more of your soul essence into your body.

SCAs bring in pure universal energies and accelerate your soul integration, awakening you to more of your pure divinity, your true heart and soul self. Through these activations, you are actually re-patterning your DNA to Soul DNA

We are going through an evolutionary transformation on this planet.  Some have called this process “ascension in this lifetime”, “expanding soul conscious awareness”, “achieving Mastership” and “becoming Homo Spiritus or Homo Luminous”.

It doesn’t matter what you call it, everyone who chooses to go through this shift will need to bring in the soul connections energies accessed through the SCA in one way or another.  This is one of many ways to go through the shift. The beauty of SCAs is that they are not random energies, they are unique aspects of pure energies for each person choosing to activate them. There are 12 SCAs divided into three workshops.  The workshops do not need to be taken in any particular order.

Level Three Activations:

  • Mindful: Un-jumbles the mental mind, reprogramming to the spirit mind
  • Earth, Ocean, Wind and Fire: Unites your heavenly energies with your earthly energies – bringing heaven to earth in a human body
  • Spirit Sight: Connects you to universal clarity and discernment
  • Astral Travel: Helps you to “see” information from in the multiverse of experiences that your soul is creating.  Gives you the opportunity to choose to connect and bring that information back with you.



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