great professionalism and skill at massage!
— Trish F.

Fantastic! I will definitely be going back. The space was beautiful and the atmosphere created was so relaxing. The massage therapy was perfectly tailored to address what was bothering me and the openness and communication made for a very easy first experience.
— Jessica H.

Soul connection activations have greatly helped me become more aware of my intentions and energies as I go through my day and interact with the world. I choose which one I need in a given situation; whether I want to put out positive peaceful energy to the world, be reminded that I am an energy being, communicate without fear at a work meeting or invite unconditional love in where I may have expectations. These reactivation’s remind me to tap into the energy that I am capable of giving and receiving.
— - Tonya W.

Sustainability Wellness provided a very effective, relaxing and pain relieving experience in a calm, clean and comfortable setting. Eric was a very able professional who identified one of my muscle issues I had forgotten to mention. I look forward to going back.
— Peter M.

The facility is beautiful and Eric was a pro from start to finish. He spends time talking with you both before and after the massage to ensure that you are satisfied. I found him very professional and competent. In fact, I left feeling pain free which was a first for me!
— Charles M.

Still today I am amazed at the clarity and power behind these energies! I find them helpful in making my day more enjoyable and they open up power that I was unable to access before the activation.
— - Melissa M.

Eric was wonderful. He gave a very relaxing and thorough massage. He is knowledgeable, he listens and he delivers the right strength in the right places. I am definitely going back.
— Ellen L.

Great service mind relaxing can’t wait to return.
— Nakia

Yes!! He is the greatest and I travel an hour and half just to see him. Best therapy ever. I highly recommend.
— Nicole T.

Get there early so you can enjoy the lobby area. It’s amazingly relaxing. Just being in that space helped me transition from my work day.
— Shirley D.

Excellent, relaxing massage and good follow-up advice. I’ll be going back!
— Erik B.

Eric was so nice and makes you feel comfortable
— Andrea K.