Personal training offers an individualized program for your specific needs and goals. You will be provided with one-on-one attention, without the intimidation of the gym or group workouts. Each session is tailored to you and provides you with a fun, friendly environment to improve your strength, mobility, and endurance.

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Personal Training with Sara

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is the value of our health. For many of us, quarantine, while keeping us safe has led us to become very sedentary and food has been such a comforting thing for us. Neither of those things has left us feeling our best. As we all take our first steps toward a more normal world the question on so many minds is "how do I get healthy?".

That's where Sara comes in! Unlike a gym setting that can be very intimidating, pushy, or sometimes even crowded, we train right here at Sustainability Wellness Center. Sara offers one on one (or groups of 2) sessions that start where YOU are! No more feeling like giving up because you feel like "you can't do it". Sara is here so you can show yourself that you absolutely can!

Feeling strong will change the way you feel about yourself, your life, and your body and may even change how your clothes fit! This is what she focuses on with her clients; learning what you are truly capable of, standing taller, feeling better, and fully embracing all that your body can do!
It's time to feel better in our bodies!

$80 Per Session
6 Session Package for $420 (Savings of $60)


Client Testimonials
See what clients are saying about Sara!

Kristen S.:

"I've been working with Sara for a while now and could not have had a better experience. As a school social worker and mom of two, finding the time and motivation to work out seemed impossible. Sara's patience and encouragement have helped me make exercise something I look forward to! I have endometriosis, which has also been a barrier in past efforts to get healthy. Over the last 6 months, Sara has helped me to feel strong, energized, and confident in myself. Not only that, but Sara makes the workouts fun! She is so knowledgeable about the body and is always explaining why I'm doing each exercise and how I am benefitting from it. She is patient, caring, and unbelievably supportive. She meets you where you are, but drives you to want to push yourself further than you would have ever thought you could. I highly recommend Sara as a personal trainer!"

Lauren L.:

"Sara is amazing at what she does! She keeps me motivated and inspired throughout our sessions, and is constantly pushing me to do things I never thought I could! She makes me look forward to working out...which is a serious accomplishment!"