Energy Healing with Sara Rossio from Wise Old Owl “WOO”

Energy healing is a light-touch or no-touch modality that is performed with the client fully clothed, either laying down or sitting in a chair. There may be soft music playing, and crystals may be used to enhance the session if called for. Energy healing is helpful in promoting your body's innate knowledge and ability to balance itself/self-heal. It can be used for relief of physical pain, reducing anxiety, improving emotional regulation, alleviating insomnia, overall balancing of the mind, body and soul, and more.

Sara is a Usui Reiki Master, Starlight Energy practitioner, and has been attuned to many other types of energy healing. The combination of these, along with their own healing gifts creates a unique vibration that accelerates the healing and release of what might be keeping you from moving forward in your life, helping you find clarity and realigning you with your purpose in this time. It can help release old stuck memories and limiting beliefs about our self-worth stemming from this lifetime and often ones deeply rooted from past lifetimes. It can bring about many positive shifts in your life.

Sara Rossio

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