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8/6 Anthony Lane Hinkle's Forearm Techniques for a "Hands-Free" Massage - $140

Anthony Lane Hinkle's Forearm Techniques for a "Hands-Free" Massage - $140

Instructor: Eric Jones Williams, LMT
7 CE credits
8/6 9am-5pm

This course is an approach to bodywork designed to lessen the stress practitioners put on the muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments of the wrist and hand. Whether the practitioner already suffers from injury or pathology or is looking for new techniques; this modality offers an opportunity to demonstrate the use of the forearm and olecrannon for practical application in almost any setting thus reducing the wear and tear on our most precious tools – our hands. With practical application of these techniques, the practitioner will have the tools necessary to prolong their career and work with comfort. The modality utilizes breathing, contact holds, rocking, stretching, forearm and olecrannon techniques to facilitate muscular and energetic releases. This NCBTMB Approved CE Course provides the practitioner with the knowledge and skills needed to perform a 50-minute protocol.